Any queries you have got regarding QUAD VPN SOLUTION should be replied in the following FAQ’s. Feel free to contact us, if you cannot find what you a searching for.

SBO stands for Session Bandwidth Optimizer. SBO is the OS which may be installed to any PC (please check the manual of least necessities) SBO could optimize your bandwidth for VOIP quickly. SBO is accessible on USB memory device or as an ISO file which can be downloaded from our site. It is a plug and play software that all should be done is to Live Boot PC with a USB key which SBO is installed. (If it's not too much please check our introducing manual in download area).

RBC stands for Reduce Bandwidth Consumption. QUAD VPN SOLUION is produced to Reduce Bandwidth Consumption of VOIP with an exceptional compression technique with no sacrifice of voice quality! QUAD VPN SOLUTION is a key solution to decrease the bandwidth use. QUAD VPN SOLUTION's Reduce Bandwidth Consumption (RBC) quality gives you efficient web utilization.

Yes, assuming that you are already running a VoIP system, QUAD VPN SOLUTION will reduce your VoIP bandwidth requirements.

Sure, QUAD VPN SOLUTION will reduce your bandwidth use. Along these lines, you will have four times extra voice traffic with the same web connection. For example, if you are using 512 kb/s committed V-Sat web connection, you might have 64 channels Voice (with g.729 codec), rather than 16 channel you might go most in standard.

One of the included advantages of QUAD VPN SOLUTION is that is supports line bonding. Regardless of being developed to convey VoIP calls QUAD VPN SOLUTION likewise has the advantage of having the capacity to make QUAD VPN tunnels with various ADSL lines, which in actuality is bonding. Dissimilar to the Cisco based solution use of QUAD VPN SOLUTION to bond ADSL has generally low setup costs. Bonding with QUAD VPN SOLUTION needs a router for every ADSL line and a solo piece QUAD VPN SOLUTION allowed hardware to handle the bonding process.