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About Quad VPN

QUAD VPN Solution is an applications development and Server Hosting organization that is centered on developing top quality, adaptable, and price economical VoIP platform solutions for international telecommunications service suppliers. The organization is using its proprietary solutions to empower operators to convey secure, dependable and Hosted VoIP-based services which are completely interoperable with alternative established VoIP standards and systems.

The Paramount Value

We convey predominant client experiences through our actions and our products. The whole thing we do we develop on a powerful systems, network and process foundation. The standard and dependability of the products we convey are supreme. Clients pay us to offer them with services that they can trust on.

More than 2000 Global Clients have Trust with us

QUAD VPN Solution is the trusted pioneer in solutions for the delivery of bandwidth optimization for a large number of clients around the globe and is committed to enhancing customer value by delivering the most trusted, progressed and reliable secure identity solutions in the business sector.

Features of Vpn Service:

  • Perfect Bandwidth Saver.
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption for VoIP termination provider, up to 85%.
  • Compatible to work with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
  • It will maximize your bandwidth use within limit & budget.
  • G.723, G.729, AMR etc codec supported.
  • Improves the voice quality within your existing platform.
  • It bypasses all kind of firewall and VoIP Blockage for termination.
  • It will perform as VPN at the same time.
  • Flexible to work with3G internet, WiMAX, Wi-Fi.
  • Public, Private, Static, Dynamic Network Compatible.
  • Built-in Team viewer (latest version) to monitor your local gateway.
  • Excellent Faster Call Processing.
  • Ensure maximum ASR & ACD.
  • Compression available for STM, Telecom Operator.
  • It performs as a Soft Switch. So you can monitor your Live Calls and Gateway CDR.
  • Most Competitive Price.
  • 24/7 Expert Support Team available.

System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:A PC/laptop with Monitor: For installation only
  • Dual core/core2Duo/coreI3 or higher processor
  • USB bootable main board
  • HDD: (Optional) SATA
  • RAM: 2 GB or more
  • OS: Any (Optional)
  • Lan Card: 3Com,CISCO, DLink or any other reliable brand
  • USB Drive: An USB pen drive with minimum 2 GB
  • Switch: Any switch from any reliable brand
Software Requirements:
  • Rufus USB creator. Download it from our site.
  • ISO files. Download it from our site.


QUAD VPN Solution is a superior bandwidth optimization service which can decrease bandwidth utilization up to 85% in VOIP termination. This implies that now the vendors can convey enhanced execution of their calling service with much minor bandwidth cost. You can run VOIP termination in totally blocked locations. It works like a safe tunnel. There is no requirement to purchase or set-up costly hardware because we provide completely Hosted Solution for you. You simply pay an ostensible expense for what you utilize. It works at any Internet (3g/ ADSL/ DSL/ Sat and so on).
Some of the key points are as follows:
  • You are interested to do VoIP termination however your internet has the Private IP.
  • Quad VPN SERVICE works in private, public, dynamic, static network.
  • You have restricted bandwidth & price is higher. Quad VPN SERVICE will reduce your bandwidth usage up to 85%.
  • Your Internet is blocked VoIP protocol.
  • You need to maintain CDR for your termination gateway. However billing software is very expensive or incompatible with your gateway.
  • Quad VPN SERVICE is a complete monitoring system and also maintains your device performance. (like a Soft Switch)
  • You want to avoid wire connection? USE Quad VPN SERVICE with WiMAX/3G internet for termination.
  • Quad VPN SERVICE will help you to get rid of the above mentioned barriers. You will have all opportunity to make profit through Quad VPN SERVICE. Let's Grab it.

How VPN SERVICE worked for reduce bandwidth consumption?

  • Generally, per E1 bandwidth utilization with G.729 Codec its 936 Kbps (31.2 Kbps per call, Cisco Standard) and with G.723 its 657 Kbps (21.9 Kbps per call, Cisco Standard).
  • VPN SERVICE can reduce consumption to -
    • 255 Kbps per E1 (8.5 Kbps per call) with G.729 Codec.
    • 150 Kbps per E1 (5 Kbps per call) with G.729 Codec having Silence Suppression enabled.
    • 180 Kbps per E1 (6 Kbps per call) with G.723 Codec.
  • Bandwidth consumption decreases for other codec proportionately.

What & Why QUAD VPN


Our solution work with all major codec like G723, G723.1, G729, G729a, G729b, G729ab, G711-alaw, G711-ulaw, GSM


Download up to twice the substance for identical transfer speed cost with Quad VPN data layering technique.


Good with all significant Class-4 and Class-5 Softswitch like VOS3000, SIPPY, VoIPSwitch, MVTS.

Bandwidht of Quad VPN

Channel Without Quad VPN With Quad VPN
8 198.45 Kbps 78.84 Kbps
16 396.9 Kbps 142.84 Kbps
32 793.8 Kbps 270.84 Kbps
64 1587.6 Kbps / 1.55 Mbps 526.84 Kbps


QUAD VPN SOLUTION stands for: Solution4VOIP’s Bandwidth Optimizer. QUAD VPN SOLUTION Technology defeats the issues with VoIP over ADSL by applying voice data as priority traffic.

Actually QUAD VPN SOLUTION is both. QUAD VPN SOLUTION can be installed on some presented routing hardware (like Mikrotik, Netgear, TPLink Routers) but there could also be some restrictions to functionality while loading QUAD VPN SOLUTION onto OEM equipment (check with us if you have any doubt). At the head-end or data centre then the appropriate device should be selected to run the QUAD VPN SOLUTION provisioning and management software.

All hardware supports of QUAD VPN SOLUTION:

Full router functionality like BGP, policy routing, stateful firewall, and so on Call access control, link bonding and failover, statistics generation, and so on Hardware failover utilizing VRRP

QUAD VPN SOLUTION is ideal for any size of business or association that uses VoIP based telephony. QUAD VPN SOLUTION is likewise a solid match for any business hoping to form the move to a VoIP based system.

Service suppliers will likewise advantage altogether from QUAD VPN SOLUTION by conveying it over their networks to advantage their own particular VoIP service.

QUAD VPN SOLUTION examinations voice data bundles over a network and strips out anything that is not necessary, just data necessary to the conveyance of voice (data) remains. QUAD VPN SOLUTION also provides voice data priority over different sorts of data ensuring that call quality is constantly kept up.

QUAD VPN is a hosted service so there is no requirement a high asset. If you are frustrated by internet bandwidth, QUAD VPN is ideal and cheap solution.